My baby is having lots of rashes on his face - is this heat rash?

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Rashes cause of milk and heat from my experience. Currently experiencing as well. Then it will become flaky and rough then the skin will become soft as before. Doctor advise to make sure to dap with warm water time to time. Make sure to clean after every feeding. She said that to take care of the infected area. It’s more to the baby’s skin is adapting to the environment as well. It is consider worrisome when the baby has a fever, it smells or hot.

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3y ago

hi. do u put any cream on the face especially cheek area?

Definitely doesnt look like heat rash to me. Could be eczema or hfmd. Does he have fever as well? hfmd is usually accompanied by a mild fever. Please take him to paed for a consultation.

My baby have the same rashes. Doctor said it will go away after few weeks.. Its been 1 week now. Little by little its fading. I hope and pray it will go away without a trace.

😱 please take your baby to see your family doctor. It mite be heat rash but you mite never know it could be something else.

Need to take him to a paediatrician. My daughter had this and it only cleared up after a mild topical steroid cream was applied.

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Looks more like eczema than a heat rash to me. Have you take him to the PD for a consultation yet? When did it appear?

Oh dear... Definitely not heat rash. Please take baby back to the Pd. My prayers are with you. Hope all is well.


Please go see your pediatrician immediately and get professional opinion. Don’t let these rashes fester too Long

Please go to PD asap! If she is breastfeeding It might got an allergic to certain food that you consume.

better go to pediatrician and derma its hard for the baby eczema or we dont know