Baby eczema / heat rash on face

My baby boy is 5 weeks old. He started to develop heat rash on his face a few days back. Only on face. His neck and body are doing good. Does ur baby experience heat rash before? What did u do to help? I brought him to see dr and dr said it’s like normal baby eczema and will recover on its own. But i think my baby feels his face itchy. I only apply baby moisturiser to help. #1stimemom #advicepls

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When my girl had heat rash, I tried to keep her cool (by switching on aircon or fan) and keeping her skin clean and dry before applying moisturiser. It should go away in days. If it persists, it could be eczema due to environmental or food allergens.

3y ago

I put him under fan & aircon too. I hope our babies will recover soon. Thanks for sharing.

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Please try n use mustela cicastela cream . My 1month old baby also have heat rash on face 1week ago so i went to kiddy palace to buy it . U can get it . It will really clear the heat rash u cn try.

3y ago

Sure no problem! Get well soon

my 6 weeks old recently had rash too including neck, so bought to pd and given mild steroid to still recovering...