My 8 days old cherub's cheeks are very rough. At first I thought it was a heat rash, but now wondering if it is baby acne. It looks like small bumps that are sometimes red and irritated looking, and other times it looks very clear, but the roughness is still there.

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maybe he has some sort of allergic reaction or maybe he has a skin asthma.. have you talked to the pedia about this?
I had the same problem with my little one. Apply a little breast milk as lotion to his skin at every feed. The irritation and redness as well as itching will be gone in a day. The actual pimples will
My baby was the same, like little bumps all over the cheeks. Don't worry they will go away and you baby's skin will be so soft. Her bumps went away at 8 weeks more or less.
U got drink coconut water during your last trimester?
baby's skin is sensitive, if your husband grow his beard and constantly kissing the baby on the cheek may irritate your babies skin.