My 13 month old loves to fall asleep on an adult size pillow. We usually take away the pillow once he's asleep to avoid SIDS risk. At what age is it safe for kids to sleep with pillows? And are there pillows designed especially for kids?

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If you would like to introduce a pillow, I would wait until he is a toddler (18 months), definitely do not introduce it until she can lift his upper body herself. Some recommend to wait until your toddler moves from a crib to a bed. On the type of pillow, it should not be too soft, i.e. covers the face when sinking into it and maybe smother a child. Feathers might set off allergies. If you want to give her one while he's still sleeping in a crib go with a small pillow like the ones you get on an airplane for yourself. On a side note, even older kids do not need pillows.

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You can consider getting toddler pillows from BabySafe! They usually participate in babyfairs are approximately about $20+ each. And they're machine washable too so it's easy to get them clean. I have 2 for my son so when 1 pillow wet from washing, he has another spare pillow to use.