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Hi. Any mummy wanna share your experience of infant care? My mil is not very keen with the idea and wants to look after lo instead. But she dont even know how to change his diaper. What do they do at infant care? Thanks in advance.

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My son has been in infant care since 3 months old as I do not have alternative care. They bathe, drink milk,have circle time(teachers will sing songs or talk about a certain theme for that term) Its more of exposing them to different things in the simplest form ever. I do not regret sending my child to infant care even though it was hard to do so at first. He is currently 17 months and is able to sing songs, recognise quite a number of things and likes to mingle with other children.

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mostly the kids r only playing at infant care, but they have regular milk time and nap time, I prefer infant care becos usually the ratio is 1:3 to 1:5, if they have 15 children, then at least 3-5 teacher is around, so have more eyes to watch the children compare to maid/nanny/mil, when they went for cooking, they will leave the child alone. but of couse you need to pay more for the infant care

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