Colouring or highlighted hair during pregnancy and Chinese new year?

Hi mummy, do you think is necessary to colour or highlighted your hair during your pregnancy and upcoming Chinese New year too? Why?

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It's not a need, but a want. Don't find it necessary nor safe to dye our hair for CNY esp now that I am pregnant. In fact I made sure to dye my hair just before we started trying for a baby. Anyway, CNY celebrations will be on a much smaller scale this year due to covid, so not gonna bother much.

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Nope, highly discourage for pregnant. Some ingredients of coloring materials might affect your scalp and your pregnancy.

no. not necessary. currently oso cannot visit. why wan to waste money. plus, think of the chemicals. no gd for bb.

Question about coloring hair while pregnant has been asked so many times and the answer is always to AVOID.


when too much white 😬 of course better to avoid though


I did dye and did treatment to my hair cos I vain hahaha