Baby fair

Any mummy planning to go baby fair this weekend at expo? Mummies that went before can share some tips to shop ?

Baby fair
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I don't shop at baby fairs, but I'd definitely recommend that you compare prices before you go! Most of the time, baby fairs aren't exactly the cheapest - especially since they still have to set up booths, do marketing, pay promoters etc. I think you get the point! Have a clear idea of what you need to get, list them down then do your research. Is it really the cheapest at the baby fair, or can you get better deals in retail or online platforms? Once you confirm that the baby fair is the cheapest, then check on the booth numbers, plan a route (which booths to visit first) and the best way/time to get there and back because there will be a huge crowd and you don't want to be stuck there! If you're planning on getting bulky/many items, you need a team too - especially if you're bringing LO along. Plan out how many people you need to bring along, and how you are going to travel there, gather together and travel back! Note that some booths would also be giving out freebies, so you have to calculate that in too. There may be booths that offer delivery, so depending on your comfort level, you may want to get things delivered at your own risk. One thing I would recommend AGAINST is to be buying big furniture items, especially from retailers that you hardly heard about before. Reason being, you probably have to pay first - but there's no assurance that they would deliver the items in good condition, on time and the right items too. Many have fallen prey to those who are not very honest sellers at baby fairs, so do take note! I buy my son's diapers and wipes from Shopee and we have never gone to baby fairs - not a fan of the crowd, deals aren't that attractive to us since we get better deals on Shopee with free delivery too! There are other mummies who love baby fairs, but it's just not for us.

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