Hi Mummy, i need your inputs. My husband has been separated from me and my son almost 1.5 yrs. He is staying with his mistress. In oct will be our 3 yrs of marriage. In which i can file for divource. I am very frustratated and discusted with things going on. I just want to know the divource process, maintenace, and house. What do i get and expected. I just dont wish my husband to disturb us and bother us since he dissapear and never see us and give money. I have been paying and supporting all by myself. If contested or not contested how long this damm things will take and finishes. Will be greatly appeciate to hear from you . Thank you.

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Ok. Uncontested divorce is quite quick. A few weeks and should be over. Please make sure you get a good lawer who can fight for good alimony and full custody of your kid.

Hello I recently came across this article - hope this helps

Hi mummy, Hope this article helps: Do take care. All will be well.

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No personal advice here but you have my support in fixing this as soon as possible.