Hi mummy’s. I am 11+5 now, need to check my sickness is very bad suddenly but one shot vomit too much. Suddenly spotted a little bit of blood when i spit my saliva. Is it normal??

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Hi inform your gynae about the nausea when you see her the next time. I also had terrible nausea and vomiting during my 1st Tri. I vomited til I saw abit of blood too, I read up and it’s highly due to our throat being hurt from the throwing up (like abrasion). Don’t worry too much for now. Hope this helps

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same happen to me, but not worry much it's due to excessive force while vomiting, Minsan Naman dahil sa Wala na masuka, kaya parang Minsan kulay dark brown 🟤 na Siya na parang dugo. Yes better check Ob din to give you meds to lessen it, but pls still eat and drink cold water that's my remedies

Hey, The blood could be due to excessive force during vomiting. Do keep observing if you spot blood again and consult your gyane for this. Please have lots of water and juices as it will help

If u are experiencing nausea & vomitting , u could actually request fr dicletin . Its a safe drug for pregnant womens to consume and control our vomit and nausea . Im on it too 🫡

6mo ago

yes diclectin works wonder for me, previously was very naseous and bloated, I can't eat anything. now is much better, I can eat as per normal but need to finish the medicine around 14days, side effect : very drowsy

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Hihi…. Im in my 11 1 and when ever I have morning sickness I take abit of honey lemon to soothe the feeling…. Not too much though but in moderations… hope this works for you..

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Yo! The blood could be due to excessive force during vomiting. But please bring it up to gynae just in case during your next visit. Sending love!

why I still stopping to cry? because my stomach is pain spoiled.. can you help me any advice


Mummy see your gynae and usually they will prescribe a med to help you with sickness

4y ago

Hi dear! I have, but not helping much. Only ytd i think vomit too much... Then when spit out remaining, have abit of blood.

Hello best to give a call to your gynae to see if it warrants a visit down to the clinic :)

same i this few days suddenly appetide gone bad