Excessive Saliva produced

I am currently at 15 weeks. My morning sickness started at my 6th week and is still on going (but it isn't as bad now). However, ever since the morning sickness started, I have been having a build up of saliva. It could be when I am sleeping or whenever (except when eating). To a point that I have to keep spitting. It makes it inconvenient to even have a decent conversation without being "interrupted" by the saliva build up. My sleep gets broken as i have to get up to spit. Has anyone experienced this before? Will it stop eventually? 😵‍💫

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I had it too im on my 11th weeks now. I usually sleep with tissue box beside me. I have to spit otherwise i will feel like throwing up. And for some reason im not able to drink much water coz it feels like it building up my saliva. Im hoping it will end too.

hi, im facing the same issue. i have excessive saliva from late afternoon onwards and i have to spit into a bottle which is very distressing. im currently 13 weeks +. i really hope it gets better for us. did the problem lessen for you with time?

3mo ago

it will get better!

I had the same issue till 4 months. Then went away. Hope it’ll get better for you too

yes it’s very normal and mine stopped when i was well into 2nd trim