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Hello Mummy friends ! I am a mummy to be and first time mum .. I would like to know which pampers brand and baby bottles that are strongly recommended by you mummies ? Thank you in advance !

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Super Mum

My preferences are pampers premium and baby dry for diapers. Diapers depend on your baby’s size / cutting. I didn’t like merries cause found it a bit short. Didn’t try R&F and mmpk cause found them more expensive. Philips avent for bottles. Found them easier to use and clean due to the shape. Teat can interchange with autumnz bottles so can wash lesser. I didn’t like tommee tippee cause of the shape, hard to clean and always have a bit of milk left behind by baby after drinking because needed to tilt the bottle. Also Philip avent bottle and autumnz bottles can attach to spectra flange for pump.

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Pampers premium & Hegen