period aft birth

Hi, mummy does anyone know when will the period after birth stop?

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Do you mean when the period come back. It depends, if you are breast feeding might not come so soon. I’m coming 10 months post pregnant, have not come yet.

3y ago

Nope. Aft natural birth will have bleeding. I was thinking how long will it last as I m breast feeding now too. But been 7days already and the bleeding is still there.

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It will usually last about 4-8 weeks for most. Mine ended about 6 weeks. I'm breast feeding too.

Mine was 2 weeks after birth, stopped for 1 week and then it came back again for 4 weeks.

Period returns about 3-4 mths later after birth for me even though i am breastfeeding.

It depends if you're breast feeding or not...Mine start after 1 year plus

Mine was 6 weeks after birth and I was breastfeeding.

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First period after pregnancy? Approx 7 to 10 days.

You should be fine in 6 weeks at most

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Hi... between 4 to 8 weeks

Usually between 4-6 weeks