Cause of rashes

Hi mummies.... Recently my 4+ mth baby is developing these rashes on his body. What could be the cause of it? Any cure? The rashes dont seem to bother him at all. However, it seems to get more day by day.

Cause of rashes
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It could be eczema/heat rash. My daughter had the same issue and I brought her to a derma. Was told that she has baby eczema and need to constantly apply moisturiser and wipe down areas that could get irritated by sweat on hotter and humid days more often throughout the day

maybe it's eczema? when my girl had rashes and see paediatrician,she recommend to change cetaphil gentle cleanser and her rashes slowly reduced.

Rashes doesn't bother your baby, but please apply moisturizer on his body, suspect might be heat rashes due to sg humid weather

Change to BB detergent, find those with fragrance and chemical free. You can try alobaby milky lotion, it works even for face

My girl encounter this too. Pediatrician recommend QV baby wash. it worked for her.

Try to change detergent

3y ago

Wash baby’s shirt only.. u can try any detergent wt antibacterial solutions. I used dynamo and currently use TOP(yellow)