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Hi mummies/mummies to be, Was wondering if anyone took the KKH Antenatal Package (which also means private route with KKH)? If so, is it 1) at a separate clinic and check up route from the subsidised patients at Clinic C and AMC room? 2) during your appointments, is everything done in the doctor's room such as completing the consultation, urine dipstick, ultrasound etc? Meaning to say there's no multiple waiting times at different clinics/rooms for the various tests like subsidised. 3) what about Pharmacy? Is it also split from the subsidised route? Definitely was prioritising on cost savings at the start but had a very bad experience in waiting time and with 1 of the doctors today, hence considering to switch to private after next visit. Appreciate all feedback and advice! Thank you!!

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i was a KKH private pat. 1) No it’s the same clinic and check up route. I understand it was separate many years ago but they combined it 2) urine dipstick done in check-in room with BP and height/weight. there is multiple waiting times at different rooms too, it’s like that for all public hospitals. stations are there for different purposes to ensure efficiency. doctor’s room only for ultrasound and consult. 3) pharmacy is combined as well Waiting time is due to peak hour appointments. If you are able to do off-peak hour appts like 8am, it’s definitely so much faster, that’s what i used to do. I trialed and error with different appt timings - late morning/afternoons are the worst. 8am appts are completed within 30-45mins, no queues at all.

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