Post miscarriage

Hello mummies I had missed miscarriage and took the oral medication to terminate the pregnancy. I was at 11weeks plus at that time time. Currently I'm underdoing confinement. Im in my second week of confinement and I still feel cramp and sore at my lower abdomen. I believe that I'm still recovering and recuperating. Any of u had miscarriage and how long did u take to heal totally? The walk to hospital and mrt ride makes me lethargic and the lower abdomen feels sore after such walk. I still feel ive yet to recover and that makes me worried coz my HL is ending. I had post natal massage for 3 days. Im having confinement food. I put on socks and had warm shower. I shower once a day. I don't take cold drinks. Anything else i can do to help me heal? Appreciate your responses. Thank u.

Post miscarriage
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Sorry about your loss. At 11+ weeks, we learned that our little one stopped growing after 7 weeks. Our OB advised us to wait for a week as the body would often naturally expel the foetus. I finally miscarried on Christmas day but the ultrasound on 26th showed that there’s still tissue left. My OB has given me 3 doses of Cytotec to help contract the uterus and dilate the cervix to expel the remaining tissue. It didn’t help so we scheduled D&C on 31st of Dec. During the entire time, it was only on 25th that I had contractions similar to labour pre-delivery. Besides that, no pains at all. Anyway, my OB gave me 1 week HL post the D&C. I recovered quite fast though despite not having any special diet or movement restrictions.

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D&C is generally safe but may have some minor side effects on our uterus and vaginal canal e.g. thinning of vaginal canal or worst case, infections as the procedure itself requires inserting a device. The risks are lower though compared to any infection/poisoning due to leftovers in the womb that weren’t cleared entirely. You can discuss further with your doctor. Hoping for your recovery soon. Stay strong 🤗