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Hi mummies, I’m a first time mum to be. Is it necessary to attend a childbirth class? Thanks! :)

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I'm a 1st time mummy too, edd next month in Sept. I attended the Atenatal class at NUH on my 30 Week. I feel that it is useful for me as i don't have parents or relatives to guide me. The trainer/gynae there were very nice and engaging during the course. They will keep asking if you have any questions or doubts to clarify. Sometimes it's confusing if u search info online or ask your friends and get different answers. So for 1st timer i suggest u attend and can clear your doubts with the professionals instead and also help our partner understand their role and how to support you during and b4 pregnancy. I really enjoyed the classes with my husband. Congrats and all the best mummy. :)

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I didn't manage to attend one. but the nurses at the delivery ward was encouraging and I manage to deliver naturally with the help of forceps. on the hindsight, would be better equip if I attended a childbirth class. cause just watching videos on YouTube and reading on books are sufficient but may not be practical.

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it is good for first time parent as u may learn things that u nvr knew. if cost isn't an issue. do go for it. i wish i went for it cos my first experience as a mum was so stressful as i didnt know anything.

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Prenatal classes are not compulsory but good to attend if you have the time. You will gain knowledge on your pregnancy, childbirth and tips on taking care of a newborn.

I decided not to go cos I feel like I will forget everything learnt during labour itself 😅


Good to have NOT a must