Outram polyclinic

Hello mummies Anyone of you went to Outram polyclinic for babys vaccine? If yes, do they allow husband to company you and baby? Thanks in advance

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Haha I see you 😉 Only allowed 1 parent 🤭

i recently went sengkang polyclinic, thought so that only 1 parent can accompany child for vaccination during such situation now.. but when i was there alone with child, i see other child had their mom and dad with them.. not sure was it because their child has special requirements or just no standard across polyclinics 🤷🏻‍♀️

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During CB period, only one parent is allowed. Even in hospitals too..

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I heard all polyclinics dont allow both parents anymore. Only mom or dad

7mo ago

Yea!!! I just called to ask

I don’t know about this period of Covid But call the polyclinic to find out