Eating Mala while breastfeeding

Hi Mummies, Anyone know if we cna eat Mala while breastfeeding? 🤣 TIA!!

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Try to avoid spicy food while breastfeeding because it goes into our milk and can cause diarrhea in babies. I always eat spicy food when I was breastfeeding my firstborn and noticed she always had watery stool and she has tummy ache too. Poor thing. When I ate non-spicy, her stool became normal and she’s more cheerful.

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I know all the grandma's tell you not to eat spicy while breastfeeding. Science says otherwise. So i had mala hotpot at moderation my baby slept through the whole night. I actually woke up in the middle of the night for a odd craving of bananas and milk lol. She seems to have a worst reaction to caffeine than spicy.

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Sure! Just in moderation is all. Also, watch for baby’s response to your BM in terms of poop or if drinking patterns change if you’d like to be careful :)

everything anything in moderation

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can as long as in moderation