Severe itch and rashes during third trimester

Hi, can i know if anyone had severe itch and rashes during their third trimester? I am now in my week 29 and the itch is so unbearable

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omg me!!!! it started from the belly, now its spreading to my chest area, arms and back. contemplating to see a doc because if they were to just prescribe me with over the counter creams its just a waste of money. so im just waiting for my next appt on the 10th. wanted to cry sometimes at the severity of the itch. and it usually appears randomly but more often at night. hang in there mummy!

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8mo ago

My gynae gave me calamine lotion. You can also try out suno hado moisturising mist from guardian or watsons. It is a water based moisturiser and it worked for me! Let’s hang in there for our cute lil one(:

Try to get doctor to prescribe QV cream to moisturizer and help in itchiness but never used steroid given. I had dry skin and itchiness during first tri.