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hello mummies!! do yall eat ur prenatal vitamins everyday? because currently i could not shit for 4 days, and had stop eating the vitamins til i can shit. do yall encounter this problem? it is alright to skip a few days of not eating the vitamins right? currently 26weeks 6days #advicepls #firstbaby

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hello! i think its best you dont skip ur prenatal vitamins. try to load up on dark leafy veggies and fruits. oranges and the packham pear works for me. otherwise, do let ur gynae know, usually they will prescribe stool softener but in the mean time try increase dietary fibre intake first ya!

hi. I had quite bad constipation when I was in tri 2 and I requested for the gynae to prescribe me some probiotic. She prescribed me the bio Gaia brand which can be bought frm Watson/guardian as well. I didn’t stop my supplements and it helps w my constipation. Eat more fruits n veg too!

hi, same for me here. Will think it is better not to skip vitamins as we won't know what our body is lacking. It helps when I changed from GNC to Blacksmore, with low constipating Iron. Also, drink vitagen/yakult once every few days.

I had a very bad constipation in trimester 2. Tried to poop until I got haemorrhoids. I did not stop taking my vitamins and tried taking psyllium husk everyday and it helped me. You might want to look it up ☺️

You should continue consuming the vitamins and best not to skip. Should you not be able to poop, you can request lactulose to soften bowel, hydrate more and perhaps have banana/papaya

I think best not to stop the prenatal vitamins and find something that can help with the constipation like eat more fruits and veggies. watermelon is great for me.

Best to check with your gynae? I only did alternate days when I forgot to eat my vitamins 😂 But since you’re in trimester 2, a few days should be alright.

U may want to get ur gynae to switch to another prenatal vitamins that is lower in iron or eat more probiotics like yogurt or drink prune juices

Try changing to prenatal that contains iron that doesn’t cause constipation. Blackmorr pregnancy and breastfeeding seems ok for me.

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Try eating a lot of vegetables. When I constipate, I just eat hotpot with lots of leafy vegetables and it resolves next day.