xtreme nausea, but cant vomit out.

hi mummies. when i turn 11weeks, my appetite changed completely.. i dont have any appetite to eat, all the yogurts & milk i bought i just leave it in the fridge, i can't smell meat. one day i was tearing chicken meat, i just feel nauseous. beef is completely a no since i first knew i am pregnant, not sure if baby follows the daddy hahah! i'd force myself to eat even at least one meal, but like want to puke out right after few spoons. every single day, i dont feel like eating.. i'd only be drinking water, at times i can't talk because then i'd feel nausea EVERY 1-2MINS also everyday in the bathroom, i spare 10mins before leaving because of it. anyone else like me?

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Hi mummy, I had similar issue as you. I couldn’t bring myself to cook because smelling of raw meat or raw eggs will make me gag. I couldn’t even bathe, brush my teeth, floss my teeth in peace without gagging. And My gag reflex was on overdrive towards my end of 1st trimester. But please remember to keep yourself hydrated and eat something. You can try sucking on ice cubes or drink cold water. On days when I have no appetite to eat, I’ll ask my hubby to help to buy some soup. If not you can ask the doctor for Diclectin. This helps with the nausea and vomiting.

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2y ago

Hi i have a same tablet with me and facing so much nausea and vomiting.. does it help with both? Doc prescribed two tablets before food at night.