Scanning for baby in first trimester

Hi mummies when is the best time to do scanning during first trimester

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first pregnancy and i was anxious, so went to priv doc at week 4 (saw ges sac & yolk sac but no baby as it was too early), went back 2 weeks later which measure me at 6+3weeks so my little bean and heartbeatโคafter that went to polyclinic to get referral and had another scan at week 8๐Ÿ˜ now just looking forward to the next scan on march

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I went at 5 weeks 4 days. (I thought was 6 weeks) Yolk sac has a heartbeat already. Which is the most exciting part coz when youโ€™re there early (before 8 weeks) you donโ€™t see nothing so when u get to hear the heart beat and see a little fluttering inside. You know thereโ€™s a life!

I know some moms usually go as early as 6 weeks and come back at 8 weeks. I did mine at 8 weeks as i got to know i am pregnant during the 7th week. Best to go poly first to confirm your pregnancy and let them refer you to kkh as there's subsidies ๐Ÿ˜Š

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Week 7 onwards. I went too early before week 6 and had to kept taking hcg tests to confirm the pregnancy hormone does increase every other day. For me the yolk sac is detected at week 6 through the ultrasound.

I went at week 5 for scan to confirm pregnancy. At time can only see yolk sac and gestational sac but canโ€™t see baby yet. I only get to hear and see my babyโ€™s heartbeat at week 9.

usually is wk 7. then if u wan to get subs, then go poly clinic to get referral or.. if u hav chas, any gp under chas can refer too

I already see panel dr confirm pregnant. ๐Ÿค— so meaning to say is best to go poly first and from poly they will refer us to kk?

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Yes that's better if you want to be under subsidies pt.


advisable to go see gynae once you are tested positive on the pregnancy kit, to ensure everything is okay.

Thanks all for ur kind reply!