Dr Su Chun Lin (Fu Nan TCM)

Hi! Any mummies went to see Dr Su Chun Lin for fertility issues this year? Can share how much are her charges? TIA!

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We consulted a couple of doctors at Bukit Batok before one of our friends suggested Dr Su Chun Lin’s Fu Nan TCM. He listened to us calmly, made us comfortable and explained to us in detail about the treatment. The consultation fee was 30$.

Dr Su Chun Lin’s Fu Nan TCM is one of the most sought places for IVF treatment & queries. She is very confident, knows her job extremely well and most importantly is very positive. Her charges are also very affordable.

She’s quite affordable. 2 weeks treatment around $60. But her clinic is Super crowded esp on weekend. Visited her in 2014.

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My wife and I have never been to Fu Nan TCM but so many of our friends have said really good things about Dr Su Chun Lin.

$56 for 2 weeks (2 times a day) worth of medicine including consultation. Just went there recently.

It's best to call up Fu Nan TCM for consultation fees & other treatment (if any) fees.

Should be $28/6 weeks of medication with consultation

The consultation fees at Fu Nan TCM are $20-$40.

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The TCM expert from Bukit Batok? Consultation is $30.

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Hmm, i think so. What about meds? Any idea?