idk if im pregnant or not.

hi mummies! just wanna ask, i check my strip pregnancy test and it turns out positive, i checked it 6 times. same results. but when i try to use diff kits, clearblue digital pregnancy test, it says Not Pregnant. and my last period was on 31st (?) of last month. so idk if its too early or am i rlly not pregnant.

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Did you use the same urine to check with the other kits? If yes, then you're wrong. Always use urine of diff days. Also it could be due to evaporation line when left for some time. Best to try again a week later. That's when your hcg level is high enough to get a positive red line (not faint) if you're pregnant.

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1y ago

hi mummy, i think yes i use the same urine but diff kits. meaning i urine again on the same day. i think yes i will check like two weeks later. thanks mummy!