Any mummies used Philips Avent 4 in 1 healthy baby food maker b4? Necessary to purchase such equipment?

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We didn't buy it, as we have separate steamer for whole family and blender as well. Most baby food can just blend by hand if necessary or use hand held blender. So we felt it was an unnecessary use of money. But I have friends who have it and they swear by it. This baby food maker has the ability to steam, blend, defrost and reheat your homemade meals at just a flip of a jar (requiring no transferring of food). This gives you ultimate convenience when you dine with your little one. It also has the capacity that allows you to prepare four meals at one time.

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Actualy if u do baby led weaning, this thing would b almost useless. Even if u were to use it, it wouldn't b for very long i feel. Baby would transit to chunkier food or the next stage in a few months. by the way, the inner parts are plastic, which i feel is a big no no cos it comes into contact with hot food when u steam n blend

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I bought it because i wanted the convenience but did not utilise it long because i transitioned my kids to porridge around 7+ months. Honestly if you have time you can just manually steam in wok and blend with hand or bulket blender. Dont think its really worth the hype

I bought it but seldom use as we do Babyled weaning for my two girls. Only use it when I make soups/homemade chicken powder/ tomato sauce for them. You can just steamed it using rice cooker or stove, not really need a separate equipment in my own opinion.

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I personally love it so much. Very good to use. But i hate it wen during the washing of e parts. So far i just steam and blend cozz i served it fresh.

Thanks mummies!