Hi mummies, today is my 4th day after delivery, however the milk hasnt kicked in. Unlike my #01, milk came in on day 1. Breast is very soft. What can i do?

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Don't worry, let the baby latch on and the flow will come. Alternatively, some mothers have shared drinking barley water or green papaya soup, adding barley to soups, oat muffins are some methods that could trigger more flow of milk. Jia you!

my 3rd baby, it only came about on the 5th day evening, the day my baby was discharged. prior to that i just ask the nurse to feed him FM cos she kept asking me "still no milk??" - dont let anyone pressure you. babies are best fed.

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Latch n pump after that. Drink tons of water (e.g. 3litres per day) n try massaging. I had the same problem as u n only managed to fully bf when bb is 2 mths old. Jiayou n don't b depressed when supply is low.. it will eventually come!

my milk supply kick in after day 7... though i tried latching, there was like nothing for her to drink & i was discouraged by ppl ard me. then i tried using the pump i bought, and somehow the supply came in after a week.

Hi mummy, have you tried latching on? It might take a while to take effect. Important to be consistent about it too. Massaging helps a lot too! All the best.

Relax, stress will delay it. Just eat a protein rich food and get the lactation nurse to massage for u. Mine didn't come on the 1st few days too.

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latch on to stimulate. pump to stimulate too. Is your #1 still drinking bm? If yes, get her to latch to stimulate milk faster

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Tried latching and pump to stimulate but nothing seem to come out. Nip feels abit sore alrd.

keep latching baby on and drinking water. massaging your breast helps too. don't be disheartened and stressed out.

#1 is natural delivery? #2 also natural? Did u do nipple massage. Could it be a block duct

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5y ago

Both natural. I can feel the tingling sensation but no milk. Only tiny droplets when squeezed. #02 Baby has been latching but doesnt seem to have milk still, so substituting with formula after latching.

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did you get a lactation consultant to see? Hang in there. Shld be kicking in soon!