hi mummies. for those who pumps at work. I'm using spectra and pump twice in office so I've to bring 2 flanges to work. I tot of bringing only 1 flange and pump even more sessions but how? please advise. TIA.

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some mummies will put the whole set (except the motor) into freezer . it minimize the bacteria growth . they dont wash it and they reuse it . personally i tried max 2 pumps only . Otherway is u can get lock lock storage box, after u use the 1st time, wash the parts, place the parts into the storage box and use hot water to steralize it . then use it again

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Why not buy a set of flanges just for office use? I bought an extra set from kulily. Occasionally My helper forgets to help me pack both sides. In those cases I pump using one side. And just swap when done with one side.

6y ago

I pump and then move the milk to my agent storage cups and I leave the flanges in a zip lock bag in the fridge till end of the day and just take out the flanges every time I want to pump. End of day I bring home. So I wash and sterilize it once a day.

For me, after 1 pump session I will put my flange to the freezer for 2nd use. in this case u may want to bring 2 flanges so that u can use for at least 4 times? hope it helps. :)

6y ago

No need. Just zip lock and put in fridge right after using.

I keep the pump parts in a zip lock bag and leave them in the fridge until the next pump. I change the zip lock bag daily when I bring the parts home to wash and sterilise.

6y ago

do you wash the flanges and parts after each session ?

How about buying a tupper container and steam it with hot water. Then take it out when you need for the second session.