Covid 19 Vaccine

Hi mummies. Is there anyone of u already completed ur second dose vaccine? Im done w my 1st dose. I only had sore arms. Any mummies here had fever after second dose? If fever can we eat Paracetamol?

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Just completed my second dose last sat, vomitted, fever and bad headache, just felt really tired, which seems like the normal side effects for other ppl. I’m currently 20 weeks pregnant. Yes, can eat paracetamol as advised by gynae. I ate paracetamol and rested. Felt better after.

1y ago

My fever lasted just 1 day! Baby movement was as usual! Just be prepared to not feel well, drink lots of water, but if you feel ok, thats great! I was nervous too but so glad i got it done! Thank you mummy, jiayou too!