Covid-19 vaccination during pregnancy

Hi Mummies, anyone had their 2nd dose during pregnancy? Any side effects after tat? Fever? Currently am 12 weeks pregnant. My 3rd pregnancy after 8 years.. 😅 My 2nd dose is next week.. But I'm abit worried coz I had miscarriage before and for this pregnancy I had bleeding twice.. On hormones pills now.. But gynae say should be no issue..

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i did my second dose at 20 weeks - got sore arm and fatigue as well. second trimester should be fine already but what i did to give some comfort to myself is go for my gynae appt first then take the 2nd jab, so i get to see how baby is doing!

1y ago

Tq mummy.. By the time my 2nd dose, will be in 13 weeks. Hopefully no fever.. 😣

only sore arm and fatigue

1y ago

Tq mummy for ur reply..