Should I take 2nd dose of Covid 19 jab at 14 weeks?

I didn't know I was 4weeks pregnant when I had my 1st covid19 jab.I got a slight fever 2 days after that. Luckily baby was okay. I'm thinking whether to have the 2nd dose at 14 weeks. My doctor told me to wait after 14 weeks though. Did anyone had their 2nd jab after 14wks? Please share your experience. Thanks.

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yup I'm same like you .I didn't know I'm pregnant when had my 1st jab. now I'm 18weeks + and yesterday I take my 2nd jab( moderna) . now having headaches , sore arm😅 n slightly fever..

I took my second dose at 13 weeks and experienced fever too. Just follow your doctor's advice to be sure

1y ago

Just a slight fever 38 degrees. Bub seems to be okay 😅

yep i took mine at 14weeks. gap between 1st n 2nd was abt 9 weeks

Took mine at Week 21 & 25. Only sore arms for both :)