Night feed schedule

Hello mummies, do you set alarm to wake up at babies feeding interval? Or do you wait for babies to cry then wake up and prepare? It's my first time so please help!

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i waited for baby cue.. after they stopped bf, i prepared bottles of water before sleep and put one in warmer. when they wake up, i just need to pour the milk powder into the bottle with warm water. it saved me lot time as preparing warm water tooks me some times in the midnight.

In the baby’s early months, I’ll just feed baby at the feeding interval… dun need to wake them also, sometimes they can still drink in their sleep. If they dun then lightly wake them.

for my newborn, i wake him up every 3 hours or feed whenever he cries, whichever comes first. after 3 months, i just wait for him to cry to feed.

I just wait for baby to cry then i'll feed. Depends on you mummy, do what you feel comfortable with

Must wake baby up every 2 hours to feed even when they are asleep especially jaundice baby.

I think is very important to Bottle feed them if they are too tired to latch on at night.

I'll wait for my gal to cry before feeding her. she's latching on total bm

set alarm between 2-3 hours for every next feed will do 😊