Hi mummies This is related to a previous post of mine.. My pump model is spectra but the parts I connected to is medela swing maxi shield and membrane...i saw these valves and membrane which I'm considering whether to switch the type of valve n membrane I used in the past.. The one I'm using is those flat yellow rubbery kind with a plastic cap. Anyone used the other types before too? Wanna know which is better... the spare part for mine is alot more expensive(the $36+ first photo) while the other kind seems more worth it...oh and any drastic difference between the maymom($7.90) valve and the normal one($11.90)? Pardon me if my question is not very clear cus abit hard to explain thru writing...

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I use the white duckbill silicon valves that comes with spectra pumps. I find that it is cheaper (compared to medela's), easier to clean and more durable. Ive tried the maymom and medela valves but once bmilk dries up, it is so hard to remove the valve to clean. Mine always gets stuck and i had to use force. Duckbill valves are rubbery - hence, it's easier to pull it off. There's no difference between maymom and original medela's valves. Both function the same to me.. Just that it is from different brands?

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I see thanks Lizzie! I'm contemplating whether to continue using my old one, which is the first photo, but have to buy a new pair of valves which means I have to buy the entire connector since that rubber think inside doesn't come alone unlike the rest...