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Hello! Need some advice from experienced mum here on various types of breast pump. I have inherited Medela freestyle, Spectra S1, Youha and Real bubee Breast pump from friends. I only have the machine/pump and will need to get new parts. But I am unsure which one is better as there seems to be good reviews for both medela freestyle and spectra s1. I am stucked btw these two. Then for youha it’s a wearable pump Which I tot will be good once I resume work back at office. Lastly for real bubee i havent see much reviews. Abit overwhelmed too, and not sure for a start which breast pump I shld start using? I also dun wan to overbuy the new parts as they are not cheap so I tot I shld start off with buying for only one brand first.

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Use s1 first as your main pump as it is hospital grade. Once supply has established then can try a wearable pump. Can get Maymom spare parts as it is compatible with spectra

new parts are quite cheap on shopee especially during sales. best to go with spectra s1 first