Pregnancy symptoms

Hi. Mind sharing what are the symptoms ure feeling during 5-8 weeks of pregnancy? Im curious... thank you😃

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Week 5-7 I have to pee every few hours. Get tired very easily. Need to take 2 to 3 naps a day even after sleeping 8 hours. Nausea quite bad after eating. Sometimes smelling food make me sick. After that around week 8 I got indigestion and acid reflux and also constipation...

Every pregnancy is different. Sore & tender breasts for me in the early weeks then the morning sickness started around 8-9 weeks.

unfortunately I have all of the above, sore and tender breast and bad morning sickness

Menses like cramp and frequent visits to the toilet!


pee frequently and loss of appetite

Slight nausea. Pee frequently!

slight cramps and nausea