Morning sickness/ nauseous

Hi mummies, is it normal to still experience morning sickness at 15 weeks? Also, recently I noticed there is some blood in my vomit, is that normal or do i have to consult a doctor for more advises?

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hi mummy! yes, it's normal to still have nausea at 15 weeks. i had mine until 22 weeks. i also had some blood when vomiting too hard or too frequent but my gynae told me that if it's not too much, there's nothing to worry about. take care!

It's normal for morning sickness to hit anytime, might be the stomach acid that burned your throat or what that caused the bleeding. Perhaps consult your doc and you might get some meds to help with it

Hi mummy, it’s normal to experience morning sickness at any point thru out the pregnancy. As for the blood, for a peace of mind, you might want to consult your gynae? :) Hope all is well for you!

thank you everyone for answering my enquiries! really apprecite it alot ❤

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Yes, it's completely fine. Take care and hope you have a smooth delivery!