hi Mummies, need some advice here. my LO is 14months old. she has been direct latching from birth till 10months old. after that i started working and my mil try to feed her expressed milk in the day. she rejected it and only eat solids and drink plain water till she is about 1year old. direct latch in d night and throughout the night and wkends. she started to accept expressed milk after 1yr old, added into cereal and drinking the most 50ml in d day. still direct latch at night n wkends. i have gone through cracked nipples, blisters etc but recently it is worse. the teeth at the back are all growing and whenever she latches, it sort of grinds on d aereolas. now experiencing open wounds on the aereolas and alot of pain. but still clenching my own teeth and latching her. ? as a result, there is no chance for them to recover. i have been thinking if i should wean her off latching? how can i do it considering she takes comfort in latching throughout the night. i am quite half hearted about weaning her off. but the pain is getting unbearable and i am quite sad that i am unable to feed her with ease. what should i do? right now, she also tried formula milk and drinks about 100ml in d day. but it depends on her mood. sometimes she rejects fm. ebm supply has also dipped drastically. ?

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I understand your dilemma...however if you and the baby are both nor ready to finish your breastfeeding journey, then make one last attempt to solve the problem. The problem here could be that your toddler is not latching on properly for her age. If she is latching on correctly then her tongue should cover the bottom teeth while she nurses. She could be taking in too much of the breast tissue and sucking very hard, and it could be leading to the pain and bleeding. You might also need to change your breastfeeding position to a more comfortable one – try lying down sideways, especially at night time, as that is when your daughter is seeking comfort.

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Oh dear. I would suggest weaning her completely (expecting the goddess of breastfeeding to strike me with lightning now...). I mean, if it's so painful that you can't recover anymore, I think it's time to stop direct latching. Or at least take a break from it. Or have you considered using a nipple shield? Just until you've recovered. But I've never used one so I don't know how that will affect your supply or your toddler (that is, if she latches on to it in the first place!).

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5y ago

hi! i tried nipple shield. she bite even more! cause she doesn like the plastic feel of the shield. yikes!