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Hello mummies need help ! I just realise I have a bad stretch mark at the back on my thigh , and waist side, how do i reduce it

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Stretch marks appears due to genetic, not because of the size of belly etc. Mine suddenly appeared during 3rd trimester, I thought I have been doing it right by applying oil, cream and all the expensive stuffs but it still appeared and I was abit sad. But due to my belly was huge, I thought the marks were less insignificant but right after I gave birth, i felt everything crushed me with Big red marks. As I do care alot of my appearance and felt ugly about it. No one told me I could get depression with it and I did. 6months after giving birth, the marks were slightly lighter but still very visible. I learnt how to love my body, scars and the belly fats. I’m sharing this because I hope you will be as prepared and embrace motherhood. Love yourself more as this was what I did not expect and was not prepared. Today, when I see my stretch marks i see it as my battle scar. Haha we fought our way through and delivered another human that will forever call us mama. 😍❤️

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My mum & sis had a lot of stretch marks.. I knew I was gonna have them but I wasn’t prepared for it. What’s worse is that I have been diligently applying the cream since week 5 & when I thought I could escape, it appeared at week 37 (Tummy & hips & thighs) 🥲 After birth, my calves starting growing stretch marks as well.. Everytime I look at it together with my flabby tummy, I feel shitty about it… I’m still trying to face the fact that there’s nothing I can do about it 🤷🏻‍♀️ One important tip is to… never ever scratch your stretch marks no matter how itchy it is.

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Bio oil works wonders for my scars that previously left from cutting myself accidentally… my friends said works well for her stretch marks too… if don’t mind can try..

heard bio oil helps.. I have bought online and is waiting for it to delivered as I already approached 2nd trimester

if it’s genetic it will appear no matter how much cream is used.. but u can try stretch marks cream or oil

Been using Bio oil since I found out about my pregnancy. 35 weeks in, no stretch marks. :)


I’m using Clarins’ oil and cream, wk30 now and still okay, no stretch marks :)

7mo ago

haha i did this too but stretch marks appeared fast and furious at week 36 due to genetics

Try clarins stretch mark cream

7mo ago

I’ve been using it from the start and till third trimester I realise back of my thigh had a bad mark 😫

cocoa butter 🙂

Try bio oil !

7mo ago

it won’t remove one.. it’s permanent