Rejecting boob at 5 months

Hi mummies, my LO has recently started to reject my boob when he was around 4 month (and we noticed a tooth sprouting). Have always been latching him since newborn with the occasional bottle when we head out. However he started crying whenever I try to nurse him although he does let me latch him when dreamfeeding. Any idea what happened and any solutions? Thanks!

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I think your LO is on a nursing strike which is common for babies. There could be many reasons like baby feeling unwell due to the erupting tooth, strong letdown, distraction etc. It should resolve in a few days. Can try to latch your baby more frequently, more skin to skin contact, cary your nursing position.

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He may have outgrown BM and is ready for semi solid food...if he still wants formula then continue with slow progression to solid food...each child is different there is no blueprint to raising a child...