LO not drinking much

Hi mummies My LO is 2m11days old. Since yesterday, she hasn’t been drinking to her normal capacity (100ml), she stops at 60-80ml. She’ll crave for milk more frequently also. She’s currently using Pigeon SoftTouch 1mth + teat and I also note that she is fussier when drinking. Could it be due to the teat that’s causing her to drink lesser? Should I try to transit to 3mth + teat already..? Let me know, thank you. :)

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It’s probably a leap. My LO also starts drinking 40~60ml/2-2.5hrs from the usual 100ML/2.5-3hrs as she enters 2M. She’s currently 3M and starting to drink 90~110ML/1-2hrs. I’m not using pigeon, but she’s on Avent size 2 teat & Hegen size 1.