How to lose weight after postpartum?

Hi mummies. I’ve gained so much weight in my third trimester and its really making me insecure. I would like to breast feed once my LO is out. Is it possible to diet when you’re breastfeeding? This is my first pregnancy and i have no clue on how to lose my weight. Any tips?

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Congratulations on nearing the end of your pregnancy journey! It's completely normal to have concerns about weight gain, but remember that your body has been working hard to nurture your little one. When it comes to breastfeeding and weight loss, it's important to prioritize your health and well-being. While extreme diets aren't recommended, you can focus on making nutritious food choices and staying hydrated. Breastfeeding itself can help you burn calories, but the process requires extra energy, so opt for a balanced approach rather than restrictive measures. Consulting a healthcare professional or a registered dietitian who specializes in postpartum nutrition can provide personalized guidance. And for more comprehensive information on weight loss and managing insecurities, you might find helpful insights at Remember, your body's journey is unique, so be kind to yourself during this transformative time.

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I’ve gained 17KG thru out my entire pregnancy and only lost 2-3 KG even when baby is out. I am almost 3 months PP & have lost 12KG without dieting, just purely breastfeeding (Exclusive pumping). If you diet while breastfeeding, you won’t have the energy.

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Thank you mummy for your reply🥺


breastfeeding is one way to lose weight