Hi mummies, im thinking of doing lasik before my maternity leave ends. Any dr with reasonable price to recommend?

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I did mine at Lasik Sugery Clinic by Dr Marc Tay. They are the pioneers so very well trusted! I highly recommend. 👍 Try to get in a seminar (look out for ads in papers/ online) so that you'll get a free consultation. You can book an appointment immediately after that. However, this was about 6 years ago when my son was at 5 months old. Eyesight still perfect now. Be prepared to live with pretty sensitive eyes though. Always have eyedrops with me everywhere. All the best!

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My husband did his lasik at SNEC. You can refer to this website for charges: https://www.sneclaservisioncentre.com.sg/lasik.asp He simply scheduled an appointment and did not request for any specific doctor. That was a few years back and so far so good. His eyesight is still perfect now.

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Doctor Lee Hung Ming at Parkway Hospital or Dr Jerry Tan at Camden Medical. But I will advise you to go for a check up first. Because if your menses had not come back. Your hormone still will be irregular which may affect the results. These 2 doctors are reputable and well respected

It's not advisable to do lasik if you are still BF as it will cause changes in the curve of the cornea! Please reconsider if u are still BF! I did mine 7 years ago with Dr Marc Tay at The Lasik Surgery Clinic SG. To-date everything is still perfect!

Usually the dr will advise u to do after bb is 6mths.. just gave birth our eyesight is not stable. So they are afraid after u correct it, it will still not be as perfect.

I did my at Paragon Lasik surgery by Dr Jon Goh many years back but sad to say right eye seem not done perfectly. My friend and I had the same result, right not ok.

i done mine at Cleavision by Dr Tony Ho at Mt E Orchard, and i have no side effects like dry eyes etc

I did mine at the lasik clinic at paragon too. Highly recommended! Still having perfect eyesight after 12years.

I did mine at Paragon The Lasik Surgery with Dr Marc Tay so far so good and it was 9 years back 😉

I did mine at the lasik surgery clinic at paragon! It's pretty good!