Heartburn That Leads To Vomiting

Hi mummies, im pregnant at 37weeks+5days. Have been having very bad heartburn the past few weeks but the past 3 days, i've been vomiting very badly. Especially at night. Read up on it and watch my diet and all the suggestions online google. But yesterday wss the worst. Vomiting since 7+pm all the way till 4+am. Even if i had sip of water (after each vomiting) i went back to sleep and soon, i will vomit again. And its those acidic kind. Is it anything endangering or its normal? Apologies for the lengthy post but im really getting very weak now from all the vomiting. :(

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Super Mum

Maybe reduce spicy food and no spicy food in the evening?

3y ago

Hi there.. I didnt take spicy food nor do i take late dinner, after i saw some research on Google.