Cervix not dilating

Hi mummies, I’m in week 38 going 39 and having very constant contractions, 5,1,1.. went to hospital and my Gynae say I’m actually already in active labor however my cervix is just not dilating, still 0 since week 37 contractions.. any idea what to do/ eat to get the cervix to thin out and dilate? Anyone experienced the same thing before? I’m a first time mom.. thanks

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More walking and climbing stairs... I guess? I did that during my first pregnancy... started to dilate at 36 weeks cause I went to the hospital because of contraction and doctor checked, he told me that I'm alr 4cm dilated but I gave birth at 37 weeks sharp.

Heard a lot of walking and climbing stairs will help. Also try gentle squats and gentle bounce on the gym ball.. those will help stimulate dilation too.

Climbing stairs and walking helped me A lot!!!