cramping first trimester

hi mummies im in week 11-12 of my 2nd pregnancy. is it normal to experience cramps when you walk alot on that particular day? 1st pregnancy we had circuit breaker didnt really get to do much walking around. also because it was a high risk one i wasnt really active during first trimester. 2nd pregnancy i have no choice because im looking after my 15 months old boy full time so naturally i move around alot (carrying him, caring for him, stopping him from falling and such) and sometimes bring him go out for a walk. nth really extensive. i just feel worried everytime i feel cramps. not unbearable but just uncomfortable and worrying. i do remember cramps in my first pregnancy but i wasnt moving around alot so it wasnt as often as well.

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Super Mum

It’s definitely normal to get cramping - especially when you’re not used to high amounts of exercise. However, if you’re used to chasing number 1 around, your body should be used to the movement. Cramping is normal as your ligaments are getting stretched to accommodate the size of your growing belly. However, if it’s a continuous cramping growing into stomach pains, please consult your doctor right away.

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