cramps? gastric? braxton hicks?

hi mummies! im currently at 35weeks, lately ive been having this pain around my stomach that seems like gastric pain that comes & goes away. also to add on, my back aches so bad these days! this is my 2nd pregnancy, but never have i occured this during my 1st born. probably a few times yes. but this one, straight few days/nights & can get rlly uncomfortable. i was first induced & i dont remember how it rlly feels like having contractions. i wanna go to KKH everytime i cant take it because i dont know if its bad signs but i reside @ Woodlands & i dont want to waste money/time you seeee.

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Is it more to painful or like tightening/squeezing feeling?

7mo ago

Braxton hicks. If contractions the pain does not go away no matter what you do.