Toilet rush

Hey mummies! Im currently at 18 weeks and i have been pee-ing quite heavily. I usually don’t pee as much on a daily basis but this time round i pee like about 5 times a day? Haha. Is it normal? And its not the bit by bit kind. Its alot…

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It’s normal! There were days on my first preg that I went toilet maybe more than 10x? Till I almost thinking why not I just stay in toilet better still 🤭

normal .. wait till you in your 3rd trimester, prolly more than 5 times a day .. almost every other hour have to pee eventho not drinking water that much.

5 times a day is not a lot at all, especially if you are drinking the recommended 8-10 glasses of water.

32 weeks now. I pee 3 times an hour when I'm awake because my baby's head is resting on my bladder.

Its normal! During my pregnancy it gets more frequent especially during my 3rd trimester 😅

mine 13 weeks but peeing a lot especially during night I wake up 2-3times just to pee.

normal. I am at my 3rd trimester and there are nights I have to get up to pee 5 times.

Yes it normal.. like me im 36 week 5 day.. every single hour i will go for pee..

Yes very normal :)

Hahaha normal :)