24 wks pregnant

Hi mummies! I'm about 24 wks pregnant now. Isit true that I need to fast ( can't eat or drink) for 10hours before glucose screening test? What about breakfast ... as I tend to get light headed and faint easily.

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yes i had the same issue as u. I can't go on my day without having breakfast during my pregnancy. I tend to get really nauseous and light headed. But doctor said no choice, have to fast to do the glucose test. So at around 11:30pm I had a huge meal and slept. The next day earliest time slot i went for my appointment to test the glucose. Maybe you could try that way too mummy.

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Yes is it true, i have gone for my gestational diabetes test during im 28 week.. u need to eat before 12 midnight.. to fasting to the next day of ur appointment test.. without any drink/food.. so that ur level glucose can read correctly..

Yes. My doc told me 12midnight the night before. And they usually schedule you for the first appointment of the day so u don’t have to fast that long. If you are more sensitive w your blood sugars, speak to your doc on what’s best.

Yes, you need to fast 12hours. You can't eat till the glucose test is over. Which made me sick after drinking it. The nurse told me if I vomit out, I need to redo another day... Baby is active the entire day from the glucose....

No choice have to fast. Eat a heavier snack before bedtime or just 12hrs before your fast eat something filling that can sustain you. It’s doable. You can take sips of water in between actually. But strictly no food.

yes, usually ogtt it's in the morning and need to start fast at 12am until ogtt finish then can eat or drink.. but some say can sip water