cyst while pregnant

Hello mummies, is it normal to have cyst while pregnant? i’m at 7 wks now and after today’s ultrasound i found out that i have a cyst of about 71mm.... 😢

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Don't worry much! It's actually very common for women to have cysts! Just that most women don't even realise they have them, cos cysts won't affect you much unless the size is too big. The cyst grows bigger because of our monthly menses, but there's no menses these 9 months, so it will not grow bigger during pregnancy. Your baby is in a way helping you to control the growth of the cyst! My gynae says so too.

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Hi! I’m in a similar situation.. may I know was the outcome of your follow up scan?

2mo ago

the cyst went away by itself :) my gynae mentioned it was a water cyst it comes and goes :)

what did doc say. so long size is manageable and wont harm bb jiu ok

2y ago

doc says need to go for a scan, if it’s bad or needs to remove will do so during 14-16 wks 😢


noticed cyst during ultrasound when taken out, close to 11cm 😬

2y ago

did it affect pregnancy or anything? my doc asked me to wait for the next scan and see if it’s still there size remain or increase or decrease then see how. cox they wanna check if it’s cancerous or not too 🥺

What did the doctor recommend?

2y ago

she mentioned wait till 14-16wks if rlly need to remove. we will have another check 3 weeks ltr to see if it’s growing or stagnant 🥺