Chemical pregnancy?

I need help as idk what to do, my surgery is coming up in a few days time but if i’m worried that i’m truely pregnant?? It’s been 24 days after conception but yet just a super faint pregnancy test. I’ve gotten brown spotting thats why i tested and it showed up like this….#adviceappreciated

Chemical pregnancy?
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Hey there! It's completely understandable to feel worried about the possibility of being pregnant right before your surgery. It's great that you took a pregnancy test to check, and even though it showed up as faint, it's important to consider the possibility of a chemical pregnancy. A chemical pregnancy occurs when a fertilized egg doesn't fully implant or isn't viable, leading to an early miscarriage. The faint positive test and brown spotting could be indicators of this. It's essential to consult with your healthcare provider about your concerns as soon as possible, especially with your surgery coming up. If you are indeed pregnant, your doctor will need to reevaluate the timing of your surgery and discuss any potential risks involved. On the other hand, if it turns out to be a chemical pregnancy, your doctor can advise you on how to proceed and provide the necessary support during this time. In the meantime, try to take care of yourself and stay as stress-free as possible. Lean on your support system for comfort and guidance, and remember that whatever the outcome, you're not alone in this. Wishing you all the best and sending positive thoughts your way! #YouGotThis

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You should tell your hospital you spotted faint line! My friend had similar experience but her positive came super super late, she also had brown spotting which still had almost negative line. Maybe the hospital can take your blood measurement to check for HCG increasing or not

Try to buy clear blue digital to test. Mine was a very faint line like yours for some China brand pregnancy kit. Then I used clear blue digital to test, double line appeared showing no. of weeks.

Actually this kind of test kit is very slow in showing result! Cause so called its a manual way. Some will even show at a later stage. Best to get cleaeblue digital!

faint line is consider positive. test again 2 days later or faster way is do blood test at poly

i experienced smth similar, took another test a week later & i was really pregnant, Hugs! 😘

2nd pic still can be seen the faint line

what the outcome?

Looks positive!