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Hi mummies im at 22 weeks now. Doc told me my placenta is low.. Have u any mummies here experienced this before? Doc said if it doesnt go up by 3rd trimester i may xperience bleedinf and high chance of c sect.. This is my 4th baby. And its my 1st time experiencing this ! Do share ur experience and views appreciate much.

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We found out that my placenta was low during week 11! Encountered bleeding due to it too. After 1 month+ of bed rest, my placenta managed to move up to normal position and everything is going well. Do get more rest and really try not to stand too much whenever possible! Don't worry too much. :)

My placenta was low only during first trimester. For early stage, gynae say its normal. 2nd trimester onwards it was normal. I just try to rest more, did not carry heavy things.

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